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Summer Camps

Museum of Discovery offers a variety of week-long day camps for children ages 6-13 and one-day Wednesday camps for children ages 4-6.  We are excited to announce the 2018 Discovery Camps lineup!

 2018 Camp Flyer       2018 Camp Registration Form (Print out)

Discovery Camps: $275 member/$300 non-member per week
Wiggle Worm Wednesday Camp: $40 member/$50 non-member)per day

 Contact Beth Nelsen at 501.537.3073 or

 2018 Discovery Camps (ages 6-13)


June 4-8
CLOSED- LEGO Master Builders I (ages 6-8)
Calling all LEGO masters! Participate in build projects and challenges centered around robotics, architecture, engineering, storytelling and more.

June 4-8
LEGO Master Builders II (ages 9-13) Register Here 
Take your building skills to the next level. Go deeper into LEGO builds by incorporating animation, game design, robotics and programming.

June 11-15
Mess it Up! (ages 6-7) Register Here  (ages 8-10) Register Here 
What’s more fun than making messes? Especially when you’re learning! There will be slimy chemistry, splattering physics, oozing art and a SLOPSTACLE COURSE!

June 11-15
CLOSED- Minecraft: Game Builders (ages 9-13)
Now that you have mastered the world of Minecraft, learn what it takes to create an exciting game you can play with your friends. Begin by looking at different types of games and use logic and computational thinking to explore how mechanics can be used to shape the experience of the game.

June 18-22
Build it Up, Tear it Down (ages 6-8)  Register Here (ages 9-13) Register Here 
Skyscrapers, bridges and race cars don’t build themselves. We need dreamers, innovators and engineers to design, build and maintain structures …. and demolish them too!

June 18-22
CLOSED-Minecraft: Adventurers (ages 8-10)
Learn to survive and build in the vast open world of Minecraft and nature! Work together in the game to survive the first night and gather the resources needed for upgrades and expansion. You’ll also sharpen your crafting skills with archery, textile dying and cooking.

June 25-29
June Science Sampler (ages 6-8) Register Here

June 25-29

June Science Sampler (ages 9-13) Register Here
Can’t settle on just one camp topic? Then try a science sampler! Each day we’ll explore something different!

June 25-29
Minecraft: Adventurers (ages 7-9) Register Here 

July 9-13
Wizards, Muggles & Science! (ages 6-7) Register Here   (ages 8-10) CLOSED 
Your acceptance letter to Hogwarts has arrived! Once you’re sorted, you’ll begin studying magical science!

July 9-13
Minecraft: Game Builders (ages 9-13) Register Here 

July 16-20
CLOSED Createch (ages 6-8)

Createch (ages 9-13) Register Here 
Storytelling meets science in this camp for creatives. Explore filming and editing techniques, claymation, stop motion animation, drones and green screen magic! You’ll even create a music score with Makey Makey!

July 16-20
Minecraft Adventurers (ages 8-10) Register Here 

July 23-27
July Science Sampler Week (ages 6-8) Register Here  (ages 9-13) Register Here 
Can’t settle on just one camp topic? Then try a science sampler! Each day we’ll explore something different!

July 23-27
Minecraft Adventurers (ages 7-9) Register Here 

July 30-August 3
LEGO Master Builders I (ages 6-8) Register Here 

July 30-August 3
LEGO Master Builders II (ages 9-13) Register Here 

Wiggle Worms Wednesday Camp (Ages 4-6)
Wednesdays 9 am-noon

June 6 – Dinosaur Camp Register Here

Take a trip back in time. Become a paleontologist and go on a dinosaur dig! You’ll investigate the characteristics of dinosaurs and explore fossil creation in this fun, hands-on camp. It’s a prehistoric adventure!

June 13 – Lil’ Makers Register Here 

If you can dream it, you can build it! Use creative materials to plan, design and construct. Engineering and problem-solving skills really stack up!

June 20 – Space Monkeys Register Here 

Strap in and prepare for launch! From moon rocks to rocket ships, join our space academy and discover the wonders of the galaxy.

June 27 – Buggin’ Out Register Here

Get out your magnifying glass and make big discoveries about our six-legged friends. Insects can be beautiful and helpful – we’ll find out how!

July 11 – Superhero Power Register Here 

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s Super Science! Explore the power of our natural world and prepare to be amazed!

July 18 – When I Grow Up Register Here

Teachers, doctors, engineers, oh my! It’s fun to imagine career possibilities and pretend to have fascinating jobs. This playful camp will introduce aspiring campers to grown-ups who are living their dreams!

July 25 – Kids Cook Register Here 

Get your mixing bowls and measuring cups ready for some culinary creations! Science takes center stage as campers discover the connections between cooking and chemistry. Yum!!

August 1 – Things That Go! Register Here 

Beep! Beep! Buckle up as we explore different ways to travel over land, air, and sea by creating transportation that really moves!


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