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Discovery Camps

Great news! Discovery Camps are on! We will be following the Arkansas Department of Health’s day camp directives and taking additional steps to provide for a safe and fun experience for your children. Learn more about our safety procedures.

Museum of Discovery offers a variety of week-long day camps (Discovery Camps) for children ages 6-13 and one-day camps (First Discoveries Camps) for children ages 4-6.

Discovery Camps: $275 member/$300 non-member per week
First Discoveries Camp: $40 member/$50 non-member per day

For more information, contact Beth Nelsen at 501.214.1122 or

Register online or complete and send in the 2021 camp registration form.

June 7-11   Tinkering, Tools, Tech and Take-Aparts     Ages 10-13  Register 
n how everyday objects work by taking them apart and making new creations! We’ll familiarize ourselves with tools, spend time each day dissecting a car and become even more skilled problem solvers!

June 7-11   Unicorn Biology    Ages 6-8  Register 
Who says scientists cannot have imaginations? We’ll explore mythical creatures and learn about their features that are actually found in nature and even design and build fairy houses!

June 7-11     Go Nintendo    Ages 8-10   Register 
Step into the lab with Mario, Yoshi and friends to experiment and create experiences that any gamer will love!

June 14-18    Legoville Engineer    Ages 6-8   Register 
Every city has an engineer and Legoville is no different! We’ll construct bridges, buildings, ports, roads and more that will meet the needs of our growing metropolis.

June 14-18    Go Nintendo    Ages 8-10    Register 

June 14-18     Minecraft: Epic Mode    Ages 9-12    Register
We’ve hosted Minecraft camps before but we’re kicking it up a notch this summer with some epic builds! Of course we’ll still put our Minecrafting skills to use in the real world by learning survival skills, building campfires and (safely) throwing weapons!

June 21-25    Science Sampler: Tinkering    Ages 6-8    Register
We’re tinkering with this different daily-themed camp. Each day we’ll roll up our sleeves and explore how tinkering is used in nature, fashion design, engineering and more!

June 21-25    Don’t Try this at Home!    Ages 8-10    Register
Grab those goggles and lab coats because we’re going to do all the crazy, explosive and messy science “experiments” that can’t be done at home (safely of course!)

June 21-25    Minecraft: Epic Mode    Ages 9-12    Register

June 28-July 2    Legoville Engineer    Ages 6-8    Register 

June 28-July 2    Pokémon-ology    Ages 7-9    Register 
The world of Pokémon is enchanting and full of creatures who live alongside humans – just like animals in real life! Explore the habitats, adaptations and even superpowers these creatures have … in the game and reality.

June 28-July 2    YouTube U    Ages 9-12    Register 
We’re taking courses to become the next big YouTube star! We’ll explore and test some of the best viral trends while learning basic video production and editing.

July 5-9    Wizards, Muggles & Sci    Ages 6-8    Register 
We’ve arrived at Hogwarts! Once we’re sorted, we’ll begin studying magical science, brewing butterbeer, exploring magical creatures and mixing potions!

July 5-9    Pokémon-ology    Ages 7-9    Register 

July 5-9    YouTube U    Ages 10-13    Register 

July 12-16    Super Splash!    Ages 6-8    Register 
Dive in for a water-based camp full of chemistry, marine biology and a slip n’ sliding good time. But keep an eye out for pirates!

July 12-16    CSI: Discovery    Ages 9-12    Register 
There’s a mystery at the museum that only science can solve! We’ll uncover evidence, explore DNA and decipher clues to catch the culprit.

July 12-16    Minecraft: Epic Mode    Ages 8-10    Register 

July 19-23    Super Splash!    Ages 6-8    Register 

July 19-23    Wizards, Muggles & Sci    Ages 9-12    Register 

July 19-23    Minecraft: Epic Mode    Ages 8-10    Register 

July 26-30    Science Sampler: Tinkering    Ages 6-8    Register 

July 26-30    Awesome Olympics    Ages 8-10    Register 
We’re using science to go for the gold! Take a look at the anatomy and physiology needed to compete as an Olympian, create a new Olympic competition, meet animals that posses incredible athletic abilities and more!

July 26-30    Minecraft: Epic Mode    Ages 9-12    Register 

August 2-6    Unicorn Biology    Ages 6-8    Register 

August 2-6    Legoville Engineer    Ages 8-10    Register 

August 2-6    Codebots    Ages 10-13    Register 
Robots + Coding = BEST WEEK EVER! We’ll construct and program robots to complete a variety of missions and learn coding skills that can be applied outside of camp. The week will end with “Robowars” on Friday!

First Discoveries Camp (Ages 4-6)
Mondays from 9 am-noon

January 11 – Community Helpers: Firefighters, nurses, police officers and librarians. Learn about the people who live and work in your town and make a huge difference. Register


January 25 – Under the Sea: Sunken ships? Whales? Sharks? There’s no telling what you’ll find when you suit up for this deep sea exploration! Register


February 8 – The Way I Feel: Sometimes you’re happy and sometimes you’re sad. Sometimes you laugh and sometimes you cry. Learn why you have feelings. Register 


February 22- Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: VROOM! VROOM! Start your engines and prepare to explore what makes cars, trains, planes and boats go! Register 


March 8- What is Weather?: Rain or shine, weather’s always on your mind! Will you need an umbrella, snow boots or sunglasses? You’ll soon find out during this meteorology discovery! Register 


April 5- Nature Nerds: Calling all wild ones! Trek into the great unknown to explore the natural marvels the outdoors has to offer. Register 


April 26- Life on the Farm: MOOOve on over to the museum to plant the seeds needed to run a farm! Register 


May 10- Mess it up!: Slime on your mind? Bubbles on the brain? It’s okay to make a mess when you’re performing science experiments! Register 



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