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Girls in STEM

About This Project

“Girls in STEM” is a free program for girls ages 12-15 that allows them to explore STEM careers as they engage in hands-on activities led by female STEM professionals, ultimately encouraging them to continue their STEM studies and even pursue STEM careers.  The Museum of Discovery has made this program a priority as there continues to be a major gender gap in STEM careers with men far outnumbering women.   A 2016 study by the National Science Foundation found the greatest disparities occurring in engineering, computer science and the physical sciences.

For example:

35.2 percent of chemists are women;

11.1 percent of physicists and astronomers are women;

33.8 percent of environmental engineers are women;

22.7 percent of chemical engineers are women;

17.5 percent of civil, architectural and sanitary engineers are women;

17.1 percent of industrial engineers are women;

10.7 percent of electrical or computer hardware engineers are women; and

7.9 percent of mechanical engineers are women.

Girls in STEM is held in Blytheville, Jonesboro, Little Rock and Stuttgart.  Each town has at least one camp for girls entering the program for the first time and one camp for returners.  Your donation will support the program and even help us grow to new cities!

We are very thankful for our corporate sponsors.