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Virtual or In-Person Field Trips

Ignite and fuel a passion for science, technology, engineering, arts and math in your students!

The Museum of Discovery’s mission is to ignite and fuel a passion for science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) through dynamic and interactive experiences.  Whether you choose to visit the museum in person or virtually, we have a number of offerings that will engage guests in STEAM.

To learn more or register, contact Beth Nelsen at 501-537-3073 or

In-Museum COVID-19 Field Trip Safety Protocols

For groups planning a visit to Museum of Discovery our protocols are as follows:

  • Limited attendee capacity
  • Social distancing (additional distancing measures will be implemented to follow individual school guidelines)
  • Masks are encouraged
  • Handwashing and sanitizing will be encouraged

Virtual Science Experiences

A variety of Museum of Discovery science demonstrations and labs can be provided live virtually for schools, classrooms, families, etc. Each experience is hosted by two museum educators and lasts 30 minutes. Choose from one of the programs below denoted as a virtual option.

Museum of Discovery Virtual and In-Person Programs

Theater Shows:

NEW! Pyro Show (3rd grade and up) Virtual and In-Person)

Science is fire … literally in this show! Your students will be wowed by a variety of exothermic and explosive demos!

Awesome Science (All ages) (Virtual and In-Person)

We took our most popular show and made it even more awesome! Experience the extremes of science with liquid nitrogen and vortex cannon demonstrations.

Super Power Science (All ages) (Virtual and In-Person)

Many of our favorite superheroes and characters have powers based on science. Be amazed with demonstrations of Hulk-like strength, laser beams and a cryo demo that would make Elsa proud.


Fizz, Boom, SCIENCE! (3rd grade and up) (Virtual and In-Person)

Dry ice is way cool, -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact. Your students will be blown away as they perform a series of cryo lab experiments to learn about states of matter and sublimation!

I Dig that Sound Science (K-5th grade) (Virtual and In-Person)

Who knew it took science to drop a beat? Experience the energy in sound waves and make waves that travel through different states of matter. Listen for pitch and frequency, test vibration and discover the amazing physics of sound!

Lego Downhill Racers (K-5th grade) (In-Person Only)

Experience potential and kinetic energy by building a Lego race car. Then race it on downhill tracks against other cars to see whose can go the farthest and fastest while being engineered to withstand crashes!

Lego Water Tower Engineering (K-5th grade) (In-Person Only)

The citizens of Discoveryville have hired your engineering firm to design and build a water tower for their city. It’s up to you make sure the tower holds water, withstands the elements and looks nice. Oh, did we mention it has to come in under budget?

Lively Science and All Bout Animals  (3rd Grade)(Virtual and In-Person)

See our Lively Science Video Meet some of our live animals and learn about their characteristics, where they live and what they eat. *The museum is home to a variety of animals and an education team with vast knowledge regarding biology. Therefore, this program can be customized to meet curriculum needs (ex: classifications, habitats, diets, etc.) This program can also be offered as a series.

Heart Dissection (5th grade and up)(Virtual and In-Person)

Explore the heart’s anatomy as your students dissect a pig’s heart.

Glow Lab (K-5th grade) (In-Person Only)

We are turning the lights off for science in the dark! Write hidden messages using phosphorescent paper, use limited light to create a shadow show, explore UV light and other things that glow in the dark!

Bubbleology (Pre-K-3rd grade)(Virtual and In-Person)

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere! It’s like Willie Wonka’s factory, only safer (much safer). Create bubbles using different scientific methods. You’ll have just as much fun popping them as you do making them!

Slime Lab (K-5th grade ) (Virtual and In-Person)

10 out of 10 mad scientists give this ooey-gooey chemistry lab two beakers up! Explore polymers as you observe different types of slime and test their properties.

Cool Caves (K – 3rd grade) (In-Person Only)

Your students will learn about unusual underground environments and do their own exploring with our ice cave experiment.

Electrify Sci! (2nd – 8th grade) (In-Person Only)

This hair-raising lab explores the world of electricity as your students design their own circuits to power motors, light up bulbs and more!

Early Childhood:

Lively Science and Animal Encounters (Pre-K-2nd Grade)(Virtual and In-Person)

See our Lively Science Video Meet some of our live animals and learn about their characteristics, where they live and what they eat.

Room to Grow Gallery Visit (Pre-K-2nd Grade) (In-Person Only)

Room to Grow is our early childhood gallery and contains the Discovery Vet Clinic, “Pool Noodle Forest,” a climbing structure, large building blocks, a dance studio, microscopes and more. The gallery can be booked by groups for 30 minute blocks of time.

Storybook Science

In this early childhood program, we begin with a book and then participate in a hands-on activity about the story!

RARRRRR! Dinosaurs (Pre-K-2nd Grade) (In-Person Only)

Embark on a Jurassic journey as your students learn about dinosaurs, see fossils, encounter some dino-like animals and participate in a dinosaur excavation activity!

Superhero Science (Pre-K-2nd Grade) (In-Person Only)

Let’s discover what makes superheroes super. (We’ll give you a hint … it’s science!) Your students will learn how to harness the power of electricity and air and then will create their own flying superhero!

Tinkering Labs:

Cardboard Creations (5th-12th Grade) (In-Person Only)

Discover the world of tinkering in this immersive, hands-on program that introduces learners to tool literacy, creative engineering and real-world problem solving. Using common tools and materials with the ultimate building material of cardboard, students will imagine themselves stranded on a deserted island where they must forge their way to survival! Groups will work together to brainstorm and build creative cardboard solutions while learning construction techniques and proper tool usage.

Bring the Museum to You

A museum educator can bring hands-on science to you with any of these programs (descriptions above):

  • Awesome Science
  • Awesome Science Pyro
  • Lively Science
  • Fizz, Boom, Science!
  • Bubbleology
  • Slime Lab
  • Electrify Sci
  • Lego Downhill Racers
  • Lego Water Tower Engineering
  • Heart Dissection

To learn more or register, contact Beth Nelsen at 501-537-3073 or

Family STEAM Nights

During Family STEAM Nights, all students from a school or organization are invited to bring their family for a private evening of fun and education at the Museum of Discovery.  In addition to over 40,000 square feet of hands-on interactive exhibits, museum staff will present demonstrations on a variety of topics.


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