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Permanent Galleries

In February 2021, Museum of Discovery experienced a catastrophic flood due to burst boiler pipes on the roof.  A majority of the museum’s exhibits were destroyed. Because the exhibit design and fabrication process is a lengthy one, temporary exhibitions will be on display until the new permanent exhibits are installed in the galleries (Estimated August of 2023.) Below are the temporary exhibitions currently on display as well as permanent galleries that guests will enjoy during their next visit:

How People Make Things Exhibit

How People Make Things inspired by Mister Rogers’ factory tours, this exhibit explores the importance of manufacturing while exploring how everyday items are made.

The Amazing You gallery looks inward and hones in on how our bodies function. Learn about guts, bones, skin, blood and more. It’s….amazing!



Earth Journeys showcases the special features that make Arkansas unique. Learn how tornadoes form, make rain and explore migratory patterns. This gallery also houses the second largest live animal collection in the state. Animals range from hedgehogs to birds to snakes.


 Tinkering Studio is a place where visitors of all ages can spend time working and playing with a variety of tools and materials.  Experimenting with screwdrivers, motors, wires, and glue, visitors can spend hours to create whatever their imagination can design.  This gives visitors an opportunity to slow down and immerse themselves in a workshop environment.  Surrounded by cabinets, workbenches, shelves, tools, resource books and computers, visitors can become intensely engaged in an investigation of scientific wonders and create something.  By combining science and art, visitors can make their creations attractive and whimsical.  The “Tinkering Studio” is a platform where visitors can work independently or together, experimenting along the way.  The ample supply of varied materials means visitors can experiment, test, and try again.  With no right or wrong answers, it is a place of making and sharing.

Room to Grow is the gallery for children ages 6 and under. The space includes a large climbing structure, the Discovery Pet Clinic, a air cannon wall, dance studio, Discovery Lab and more. There is also a private room for nursing mothers.

We are very thankful for our corporate sponsors.