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Now offering Virtual Family Field Trips!

Virtual Family Field Trips

Cost: $5 per connected device Duration: 30 minutes (includes a Q&A portion)

Friday, January 29 at 10:30 a.m.      Register (Click Jan 29 on the ticket calendar)
All About Animals (Ages 4-9)
Meet one of our snakes and an opossum! Learn about their characteristics, where they live and their diets.

Friday, February 5 at 3 p.m.      Register (Click Feb 5 on the ticket calendar) 
Super Power Science (Ages 5-12)
Many of our favorite superheroes and characters have powers based on science. Be amazed by fire, laser beams and a a cryo demo that would make Elsa proud!

*Each virtual field trip ticket will be associated with an email address. When you purchase your ticket, you will be emailed the Zoom log in information and asked that you provide us with the name you will use to log in. If an unrecognized name logs in, the administrator will not allow them into the Zoom session. Individuals will be allowed to purchase multiple tickets if they want more than one device playing the program.

We are very thankful for our corporate sponsors.