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Name a Roach after your Ex this Valentine’s Season!

Our popular Animal Care Facility fundraiser is back this year with even more (and pettier) feeding options!

Look no further for your Valentine’s Day gift for a friend or foe! 🪳🧡💔🧡🪳

For $10 you can name a roach after a loved or not-so-loved one to be fed to Rose, our blue-tongued skink or Marty, our bearded dragon!

Feeling extra petty while going through a breakup? If humor is your coping mechanism, we have an idea for you! For the amazing price of $25, you can purchase a mouse to be fed to one of our snakes. Feeling EXTRA cold-blooded? For $50, we can warm you up by naming a rat after your ex and feeding it to one of our snakes. (We use frozen rodents as it is more humane and safer for the snake.)

If you prefer a gift that’s a bit sweeter… gift a “chicken lollipop” to our ferrets in honor of your valentine!

We will post videos of the roach and lollipop feedings on our Facebook page using only the first name of the honoree (or dishonoree) and email the snake feeding videos to the purchaser (snake feeding videos are not everyone’s cup of tea so we don’t make them public.)

Not only are you giving a fun gift, you’re supporting Museum of Discovery’s animal program with a tax-deductible donation!

To purchase your valentine, visit If you are purchasing multiple valentines, you will have to add one to a cart before you can buy another. If you have any questions, feel free to email Kendall Thornton at

We are very thankful for our corporate sponsors.