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My Messtival Presented by Zips Car Wash

Just because Messtival won’t happen on May 16 this year, does not mean you cannot enjoy it! We’re providing you with ideas (below) on how you can create a “My Messtival” in your own backyard! And just like Messtival, Zips is our presenting sponsor!

If you tag Museum of Discovery and Zips in any of your “My Messtival” activities (can be any idea we share or your own ideas) during May 16-24 using #MyMesstival on Facebook (Zips3mincarwash and MuseumofDiscovery) or Instagram (@zipscarwash and @arkmod,) you will be entered into a series of drawings to win museum passes and/or a free Zips car wash!

My Messtival Activity Ideas (More Ideas Coming):

Splatter Paint (Video)

Bubble Snake

Clean Mud

Slime (Video)

Pasta Play

 Geometic Bubbles

Nail Polish Art (Video)

My Messtival Jello Excavation

Density Tower


We are very thankful for our corporate sponsors.