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Museum of Discovery Debuts “Tape & Tunnels” Exhibition Made Entirely from Tape

Little Rock, Ark (November 15, 2018) – The Museum of Discovery is debuting a new exhibit on Monday, November 19, that stretches the ability of one of the world’s most utilitarian materials, packing tape, in its latest exhibit “Tape & Tunnels.”

“Tape & Tunnels,” sponsored by 3M, is a series of interconnected tunnels and slides that guests of all ages can explore, climb, crawl and slide through. The tape tunnels are suspension bridges built with a skeleton of steel pipe for support and layers of ordinary, clear packing tape are stretched between them.  How are the tape tunnels able to hold people?  Turns out its all in the tunnels’ design.  The curve of the tunnel is called a catenary – the same shape used in regular suspension bridges. The tape tunnels can hold more than 500 pounds per linear foot.

“Tape & Tunnels shows off engineering and physics at their best as humans of all sizes are supported by what look like fairly flimsy tunnels made of clear packing tape,” says Kelley Bass, CEO at the Museum of Discovery. “And beyond the STEM principles on display, Tape and Tunnels is flat-out fun, and we know our guests will enjoy the experience of climbing, crawling and sliding through the exhibit. We are so thankful for the support of 3M, which supplied the tape that made Tape & Tunnels possible.”

“Tape & Tunnels” will remain on exhibition through March 24.   For more information, visit or call 501-396-7050

About Museum of Discovery

Founded in 1927, Museum of Discovery is the state’s oldest museum.  Its mission is to ignite and fuel a passion for science, technology, engineering, arts and math through dynamic and interactive experiences.


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