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Museum of Discovery Brings Back Popular Innovation Exhibit

Little Rock, Ark (January 19, 2021) – The Museum of Discovery will debut Imaginate, an exhibition that makes innovation accessible, replicable and fun, on Saturday, January 23.

Imaginate aims to inspire the innovator in all of us. This multi-activity, interactive exhibition explores the skills and attitudes that can be developed to foster innovation and enhance creativity in anyone.

Imaginate is an engaging, very interactive exhibition that Museum of Discovery fans won’t want to miss,” says Kelley Bass, museum CEO. “There are so many different features, each unlike the others, which also makes Imaginate very compelling. It’s been one of our most popular attractions, and that’s why we chose to bring it back for another run.”

Imaginate identifies four guiding themes everyone can use as pathways to innovation: Dream Big; Expect the Unexpected; Collaborate or Compete; and Try, Try and Try Again.

Each theme is explored through a number of hands-on activities that appeal to a wide range of interests and ages, encouraging participants to immerse themselves in the methods of innovative and critical thinking.

DREAM BIG highlights how innovation is often a response to intense motivation, a big dream or extreme passion that one must pursue. It features examples of big dreams as inspiration – such as flying in an airplane – and allows visitors to test their own paper airplane designs to see which flies the farthest.

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED explores how science is a process of questioning. Keen observation and fresh eyes can often allow people to see beyond the obvious. These exhibits encourage participants to take risks and to experiment. The “Materials Playground” provides visitors with a variety of materials – such as glass, metal and even plant material – in unique and novel forms to explore and test.

COLLABORATE OR COMPETE invites participants to interact with others, communicate their ideas and then grow them with the contributions of fellow participants. This area features “Sound Lab,” where visitors can jump and move as they collaborate to make music using giant light-up sound panels.

TRY, TRY AND TRY AGAIN encourages participants to create, test, re-test and even start over. In “Racing Irons” they can test the speed of surfaces ranging from Teflon to aluminum foil.

Imaginate will be on display at the Museum of Discovery through April 25.  For more information, call 501-396-7050 or visit

About Museum of Discovery

Founded in 1927, Museum of Discovery is one of the state’s oldest museums.  Its mission is to ignite and fuel a passion for science, technology, engineering, arts and math through dynamic, interactive experiences.  To learn more, visit


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