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Museum of Discovery’s Kevin Delaney Stars in Science Channel Show

Kevin Delaney, director of visitor experience at the Museum of Discovery, is hitting the streets as the star of “Street Science,” a weekly 30-minute series that debuts at 9 p.m.  January 11 on Science Channel. The show features Delaney performing unique demos that are “so unusual, offbeat and so unexpected they will blow your mind,” the network said in a press release announcing the series.

Delaney first burst on the international science TV scene in May 2014 when he debuted as the resident science presenter on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” To date, Delaney has appeared five times on the top-rated late-night TV program.

“I am very happy to get a chance to take cool science into millions of households,” Delaney says. “Museum of Discovery visitors will recognize several of these demos, but in ‘Street Science’ we’ve been able to do those demos – and many more – in a much larger way. And they’re shot using slow-motion footage that provides insight into what the eye can’t normally see.”

Combining scientific method with curiosity and plain, old-fashioned ingenuity, these larger-than-life demos produce fire, explosions and colorful reactions as videographer Darren Dyk, Kevin’s sidekick, catches it all.

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