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Tinkerfest 2018

September 15, 2018 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Event Details

A Day of Making!

Tinkering, a popular activity that is a key component of the nationwide “Maker Movement,” takes place every day in the Museum of Discovery’s Tinkering Studio. Once a year at Tinkerfest, tinkering takes over the entire museum and neighboring streets for a day-long event with more than 40 hands-on, interactive activities. Each activity engages children and adults, teaches visitors how everyday objects such as cars and computers work, and provides opportunities to explore the engineering and science behind building objects.

Here are some of the Tinkerfest 2018 activities you can expect:

Build a LEGO Garverville

LEGO Art Bots

NEW/Toddler Friendly – LEGO Gravity Racers

LEGO Train Battle Track

NEW/Toddler Friendly – Soap Science

Robotics Demos

Energy Grid Exploration

Airplane Design & Testing

NEW – Balloon Hats

NEW – Balloon Sculptures

NEW – Cranky Contraptions

NEW – Vocational Paths to Success

NEW/Toddler Friendly Corn on the Cob Brushing Challenge

Car Take Apart

3D Acrylic Sculptures

Spiral Pipes & Vacuum Play

Toddler Friendly – Create your own Mini-Golf Course

NEW – Playing with Air

Toddler Friendly – Water Wall

Toddler Friendly – Cascading Water

Water Tower

Water Rockets

NEW – Boat Building & PVC River Run

Make Your Own Mini-Gondola (Four Story Zip Line)

NEW – Catapults

Fort Making W/Dowel Rods, Sheets & Rubber Bands

NEW – Tinkering with Knots

NEW – DIY Hammocks

Toddler Friendly – Giant Lincoln Logs

NEW/Toddler Friendly – Crayon Rubbings & Simple Tie Dye


Tinkerfest Food Vendors (Food for Purchase)


 Buenos Aires

 Hot Rod Wieners

Damgoode Pies

WM Vendors


Thank you to our Tinkerfest Sponsors!

We are very thankful for our corporate sponsors.