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Feature Exhibition “Kid Inventor” Opens!

August 31, 2019 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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A new exhibition at Museum of Discovery designed to excite the minds of young Leonardo da Vincis, Marie Curies and Nikola Teslas is opening this Saturday. “Kid Inventor” encourages children to design, test and build unique creations using a variety of materials and technologies.

“‘Kid Inventor’ is a fully interactive and hands-on exhibit,” said Museum of Discovery CEO Kelley Bass. “Children will broaden their minds through problem solving, opened-ended exploration and employing creativity — it’s endless fun and limitless possibility.”

In the design area of “Kid Inventor,” guests are invited to sketch and shape ideas. In the build area, the design comes to life: a car, a plane, a monster — and beyond — can be built with materials ranging from LEGOs to string. Finally, inventors can move to the test area to investigate how their creations react to variables such as a wind tube, airstream table, timed racetrack or launch pad.

In the exhibition’s “Tech Studio,” guests can brush up on animation skills, practice coding and try their hands at sound mixing and engineering. In “Spare Parts,” creators can build from the ground up with only their imaginations to limit them.

“Kid Inventor” will remain at Museum of Discovery through January 5, 2020 and is included in general admission.

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