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Enter Mindbender Mansion, our New Exhibit

Little Rock, Ark (January 19, 2018) – Mister E. and the Mindbender Society invite you to enter the wonderfully puzzling world of Mindbender Mansion, an eclectic place full of puzzles, brainteasers, and interactive challenges guaranteed to test the brain power and problem-solving skills of even the most experienced puzzlers. Adults and children alike will enjoy exercising their minds as they try to master each of the 11 individual brain teasers and the three group activities in this fun and unconventional new exhibit opening Saturday, January 20, at Museum of Discovery in Little Rock.

This is the second time Mindbender Mansion has been featured at the museum, and CEO Kelley Bass said that is great news for museum visitors.

“In my five years at the Museum of Discovery, we’ve not had a traveling exhibit as popular as Mindbender Mansion. It’s fun, engaging and offers challenges for all ages. It’s safe to say adults will find this exhibit as addictive as our younger visitors. From the day Mindbender Mansion closed here in September 2015, I’ve looked forward to the day it came back.”

Visitors to Mindbender Mansion will be greeted by the wacky Mr. E., master brainteaser and puzzler extraordinaire, and current curator of the Mindbender Society. He will explain the mysteries of Mindbender Mansion and how to become a member of the eccentric Mindbender Society by gathering hidden clues and secret passwords. The clues can only be found by solving key puzzles found in select themed areas.

Throughout the exhibit visitors will find a combination of tabletop brainteasers they can solve on their own and larger group challenges that require assistance from their fellow mansion guests.

The group challenges include:

  • Feeding Frenzy – Kitchen mayhem is guaranteed in a race to beat the clock by filling TV dinner trays with five kinds of food on a fast-moving conveyer belt.
  • Spelling Fever – Hopscotch meets Scrabble® in this race to spell correct words within a limited amount of time by hopping on letter squares that light up.
  • Amazing Maze – n this version of the classic steel ball labyrinth game, visitors must work together to tilt a table in different directions, guiding a ball into six holes as quickly as possible.

Upon completing each of the select brainteasers and group challenges, visitors will have gathered the necessary clues and secret passwords to become a member of the Mindbender Society and add their portrait to the “Wall of Fame.”

Mindbender Mansion will remain at the Museum of Discovery through April 1.  For more information, call 501-396-7050 or visit

Museum of Discovery’s mission is to ignite a passion for science, technology, engineering, arts and math in a dynamic, interactive environment.

Museum Information

Hours of Operation: Tuesday – Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm; Sunday: 1-5 pm; Closed Monday

(open Mondays in the summer and on major holidays)

Admission: $10 adults; $8 ages 1-12; free under 1; members free

Phone Number: 501.396.7050


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