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Community Outreach

Can’t come to the Museum? Bring the Museum to you! These programs have been specifically designed for your classroom or auditorium. A Museum of Discovery educator will come
to your school and lead science demonstrations or labs of your choice! To schedule your discovery, contact Beth Nelsen at 501-537-3073 or

Great for Large Audiences:
Awesome Science (All ages)
Experience the extremes of science with liquid nitrogen and vortex cannon demonstrations. An entertaining show that is fun for all ages.


I Dig that Sound Science: Who knew it took science to drop a beat? Experience the energy in sound waves and make waves that travel through different states of matter. Listen for pitch and frequency, test vibration and discover the amazing physics of sound!

LEGO Rovers: Before you explore the Moon, you must design a vehicle that can navigate its unique surface. Use LEGOs, wind-up motors and varying gears to engineer, test and adapt your rover for an unforgettable experience.

Bubbleology: Bubbles, bubbles everywhere! It’s like Willie Wonka’s factory, only safer (much safer). Create bubbles using different scientific methods. You’ll have just as much fun popping them as you do making them!

Glow Lab: We’re turning off the lights for science in the dark! Write hidden messages using phosphorescent paper, use limited light to create a shadow show, explore UV light and other things that glow in the dark.

All About Animals: Meet some of our live animals and learn about their characteristics, where they live and what they eat.

Fizz, Boom, Science!: Dry ice is way cool, -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit to be exact. Your students will be blown away as they perform a series of cryo lab experiments to learn about states of matter and sublimation!

Electrify Sci!: This hair-raising lab explores the world of electricity as your students design their own circuits to power motors, light up bulbs and more!

Heart Dissection: Explore the heart’s anatomy as your students dissect a pig’s heart.

We are very thankful for our corporate sponsors.