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Vote in our Cardboard Construction Contest

Museum of Discovery and Baldwin & Shell teamed up to host a cardboard construction contest. Participants submitted their cardboard creation to one of two categories: family-constructed or adult-constructed. Staff from both companies voted on the submissions to narrow them down to a handful of finalists. Now it’s time for the public to choose their favorite cardboard creation!


Please review all of the below finalists (first you will see the family-constructed finalists and then the adult-constructed finalists.)  Once you have reviewed all of the cardboard structures, click on the “Vote” link below or at the bottom of the page. The winner of each category will receive a Museum of Discovery membership and a private tour of a Baldwin & Shell construction site. Voting ends at 2 p.m. on Friday, April 24. You can vote up to three times per email address (votes from email addresses with more than three responses will not be counted.)


Family-Constructed Finalists 

Family-Constructed Finalist 1




Family-Constructed Finalist 2


Family-Constructed Finalist 3

Crane with Wrecking Ball

Family-Constructed Finalist 4

Dog Village 

Family-Constructed Finalist 5 

Car Wash

Family-Constructed Finalist 6

Rapunzel’s Tower

Part 1

Part 2



Adult-Constructed Finalists

Adult-Constructed Finalist 1

“The Black Pearl” Pirate Ship


Adult-Constructed Finalist 2

Razorback Light Up Wall Mount

Adult-Constructed Finalist 3

Toddler Playhouse


We are very thankful for our corporate sponsors.