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At Home Tinkering Kits for Purchase

We are excited to now offer at home tinkering kits for purchase! Each kit ships to your home complete with all of the items and directions needed to have your own “Aha!” moments. Explore and adapt materials, learn how everyday objects work, foster creativity and more with these at home tinkering kits!

Paper Circuits









$8 plus taxes and shipping

Make a piece of paper come to life by using simple or complex electrical circuits! Create light-up greeting cards or works of art.



Scribbling Machines









$10 plus taxes and shipping

Create a motorized contraption that moves in unusual ways and leaves a mark to trace its path. It’s made from simple materials and demonstrates the erratic motion created by an offset motor.



Glow, Light, Play












$25 plus taxes and shipping

Explore the natural phenomenon of phosphorescence and make your world glow in the dark with this interactive activity. Test different light sources, opacities, densities and colors to create illuminating experiences and ghostly shadows.


We are very thankful for our corporate sponsors.