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Arkansas Schools Selected for STEM Excellence Pathway Program

Little Rock, Ark. (Sept. 28) – The Discovery Network at the Museum of Discovery has announced the 15 Arkansas schools and school districts selected as the 2017-2018 cohorts to participate in the first Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway program in the state.

The Pathway program helps schools evaluate the quality of different aspects of their STEM education programming and then tailor strategies to strengthen them.  Strategies may include teacher professional development, curriculum planning, modification of existing operational practices, incorporation of career awareness and an overall culture shift as it pertains to STEM education.

The 2017-2018 cohort comprises:

  • Amboy Elementary, North Little Rock
  • Arkansas School for the Deaf, Little Rock
  • Bale Elementary, Little Rock
  • Cabe Middle School, Gurdon
  • Carver Magnet Elementary, Little Rock
  • Calico Rock School District
  • Central High School, Helena-West Helena
  • Gurdon High School
  • Gurdon Primary School
  • The Huda Academy, Little Rock
  • Ida Burns Elementary, Conway
  • Lee Academy, Marion
  • McDermott Elementary, Little Rock
  • Pulaski County Special School District
  • Pulaski Heights Elementary, Little Rock
  • Westside Elementary, Greenbrier
  • Wynne Public Schools

Pathway Partners were selected for the cohort through an application process.

The Pathway was developed by Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, PA and has expanded to include “Pathway Partners” in 12 states, including Arkansas’s Discovery Network.  The Discovery Network is a statewide program of Museum of Discovery that seeks to support other educational entities provide quality STEM education to their learners.

“The Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway Program will be a tremendous tool for Arkansas schools as we strive as a state to become a leader in STEM education,” said Discovery Network assistant director Ginsie Simmons. “The Discovery Network is excited to take this collaborative approach with K-12 educators and administrators to provide immersive, hands-on learning for Arkansas’ school children. The Pathway provides resources and support for our educators, families and the community at large to inspire and empower our future STEM workforce.”

Schools interested in applying to become a Pathway cohort should contact Ginsie Simmons at (501) 537-3081 or

About Discovery Network

The Discovery Network, a statewide program of the Museum of Discovery, provides high-quality professional development and training opportunities to its members’ educational staff. Essentially, the Discovery Network is the way in which the Museum of Discovery supports other educational entities in their efforts to bring quality STEM education to its learners. The Network’s member organizations are located strategically throughout Arkansas to extend outreach to all areas. Network members support each other by sharing operational strategies, collaborating with teachers and expanding educational programs. Each of the members, together, is dedicated to providing the highest quality educational experience to the children, families and teachers of Arkansas.

About Museum of Discovery

Museum of Discovery is dedicated to igniting a passion for science, technology, engineering, arts and math in a dynamic, interactive environment.  Founded in 1927, Museum of Discovery is the oldest museum in the state.



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