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Arkansas Discovery Network Receives King Foundation Grant to Serve Delta Schools

The Arkansas Discovery Network announced today that it received a $25,000 grant from the Carl B. & Florence E. King Foundation that will pay to send “The Race for Planet ‘X’,” the network’s mobile museum, to visit sixth-graders in 32 counties in the Arkansas Delta.

Arkansas Discovery Network is a unique statewide museum partnership for which Museum of Discovery serves as hub. Its “The Race for Planet ‘X’” mobile museum is specifically designed to promote intriguing, hands-on STEM education to sixth-grade students in rural areas of Arkansas. By working through a series of nine exhibits, students become active learners. Teachers receive videos and in-classroom experiments to reinforce the Planet ‘X’ experience.

“We are grateful for the continued support of the King Foundation in supporting our efforts to bring interactive, museum-like experiences to communities in the Arkansas Delta,” said Kathleen Lawson, Arkansas Discovery Network Director.  “This program lives beyond the day-visit to schools and includes an engaging classroom set of materials to further enhance STEM education for the students.”

“The Race for Planet ‘X’” will visit sixth-graders in the Delta throughout 2017.  To learn more about scheduling the mobile museum, email agile software development project management.


We are very thankful for our corporate sponsors.