Tues - Sat: 9am - 5pm
Sun: 1pm - 5pm


Adults: $10.00
Children 12 and younger:  $8.00 *
Seniors: 60 and older:  $8.00
Teachers: $8.00 **
Little Rock City Employees: $8.00 **
Active and Retired Military: $8.00 **

* Children under 12 months of age are    admitted free
** Must provide current ID


500 President Clinton Ave. Suite 150
Little Rock, AR. 72201
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    Tinkerfest 2013 Activities



    There is something for everyone at Tinkerfest 2013. Here's a list of all the planned activities:


    Technology take-apart – take-a-part computers and other repurposed technology and discover what’s inside. This helps people understand the component parts, their purpose in making the “system” work and that some of these parts can be used again to create new, functional technologies.


    Giant cardboard robot costumes – the museum will create the costumes for this Tinkerfest “mascot,” one of three along with “Smog,” the dragon from “The Hobbit,” built at PB; 501st Storm Troopers, with costumes made from vacuum-forming, an industrial technique.


    Soldering class for a badge – five-centimeter circuit boards will be soldered together to create a badge to be worn at Tinkerfest.


    Felt Monsters – sew your own creepy friend. We provide needles and thread, and guests cut their own patterns and create their own felt monster to take home.


    Intro to Arduino and programming basics – visitors will be introduced to the basics of C++ and will learn a basic “hello world” program, which controls the patterns of how often LED lights blink.


    Comic Book Heroes – learn how to create your own superhero comic strip and then watch it in action in your own animated film.


    Light Painting – make a masterpiece in the dark through the use of light sources and a slow-exposure digital camera in a dark room.


    Circuit Blocks – discover the secrets of electricity and learn to build circuits using common electrical components.


    Animation Station – star in your own stop-motion animated movie shot on the spot at the museum.


    Cardboard Metropolis – our younger visitors are encouraged to build a metropolis of cardboard forts in one area of the museum.


    501st Storm Troopers – meet the troopers and learn how they created their costumes using various film- industry techniques.


    Create an Interactive Sculpture – remember the Rube Goldberg cartoons? Make the phenomenon come alive as you use whimsical and everyday objects to create a chain reaction of actions.


    Plastic Fusion – Discover art in an old shopping bag as you create objects using heat to fuse waste plastic into one of a kind art.


    Rock City Robots – meet these robot makers who participate in robot competitions, learn how they ply their craft and how you can get involved.


    Raspberry Pi – be astounded by the versatility and functionality of a $35 computer.


    Lockheed Martin – Build and launch your own little rocket with the rocket experts from Lockheed Martin.


    HP – Most of us have no problem breaking a computer but can you put one together? Get your chance with the techs from HP.


    Molex – Try your hand at completing the circuit, put the wires back in the proper order and see the bright lights of success.


    Tiny Toroid Launcher – The UALR Physics Department will talk about the science of physics as you create your very own tiny air cannon.


    All Things Astronomical – View the sun and learn about our solar system and beyond from members of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society.


    Lock Picking – learn the gentle art of breaking and entering from hardened criminals! Not really – your instructors will be members of DC501, a local Hacker group that has fun with make believe espionage.


    Circuit Chasing – solve the trap or get zapped! Learn to trace a circuit in a fun and challenging game, pull the right wire or set off the alarm.


    Tinkering Sound – explore sound and what makes it happen, learn how sound can confuse and disorient you as you tinker with a variety of sound based experiments.


    Tinkering Food – learn culinary basics and interesting facts about nutrition and food from the chefs at 42, the award-winning restaurant at the Clinton Presidential Center.


    3D Printing -- have yourself scanned and printed in three dimensions. REALLY! Learn about this relatively new technological phenomenon that is changing the way manufacturing is happening.


    Duct Tape Delights – need a wallet and all you have is duct tape? No problem. You will learn how to make that and more from the versatile material that is in everyone’s tool box.


    Knit Knerds – learn to crochet and knit as two high-level practitioners of the trade stage a heated “knit-off!”


    Recycle Bikes – Recycle Bikes of Arkansas will teach you how to build bikes from scratch using parts from disabled bikes and how to repair your own bike when it breaks.


    Car Take-Apart – borrow our screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers and get your hands dirty as you take a car apart and reduce it to its tiniest component parts.


    Catapult Duel – watch out for flying water balloons as Museum of Discovery staffers compete in this high-stakes game of medieval tomfoolery.


    Tall Bikes – learn how the Tall Bikes of Arkansas group builds its bikes, take one for a spin if you dare, and watch them in action.


    Giant Bubbles – all it takes is kiddie pools and huge bubble wands. Prepare to be impressed.


    Cigar Box Guitars – see how an artist/musician creates high-quality electric guitars with cigar boxes at their hearts.


    Bernouli Blowers – pilot your ping-pong ball through a challenging obstacle course as it is suspended above a column of air.


    Pong on an Epic Scale – play a gigantic version of the world’s first video game.


    Automota – Create your own clever little machine, learn the ins and outs of a mechanical system using cardboard and you own imagination.